Baja Racer

This is one of the projects I've worked on during my internship in VWs California Studio DCC. The sketches show the first stage of the design and concept development of this years VW concept for the LA Design Challenge. The vehicle is operated by two persons. One is controlling the steering and the position of the wheels with motorcycle like grips, the other one is the navigator. He adjusts the buggys weight balance during big jumps and checks the track with his stereo periscope. The concept merges the racing heritage of Volkswagen with the motorcycle origin of the Baja Race. After just a few more weeks in the highly talented hands of Patrick this is what grew out of my idea.

For those who don't know - The Baja 1000 is an endurance Race along the mexican baja california peninsula. It's 1000 miles long and the racetrack is open to public. Link to Baja 1000 History on wiki.
The movie "Dust of Glory" is a must see! - check out the poor quality trailer below.
Or view the best parts in a 2x10min edit on youtube:

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