Seen in Austria

This thing was standing alongside the road in St. Gallenkirch.
Looks like a Frankenstein 2CV on chains.
I couldn't find more about it exept for this picture.



This is Meeega! Someone must have been really bored to come up with this and convince so many people to perform it..!


Banksy's Village Petstore & Charcoal Grill

Oh yeah and don't let me forget this one!
It's already a bit old but still super fun.
A Bansky Installation in NY last october. I love the surveillance camera family and the scary realistic TV zapping monkey.

The beauty of destruction

Crazy tech - beautiful slowmotion!

uhmm.. do you already feel saver flying in plane?
Well if not - How abou another example of cutting edge airplane technology.


And another one - just because it's a nice animation.


DIPLOM - image update

Here are some more great detail shots of my degree model showcasing the surfacing and the different materials. Images 1-3 & 7-8 credit to rk. - thanks man!


VW 2028 & Hellride

Update on my Portfolio Blog (you will have to scroll down) - This is old stuff from my internship in VW Design Center Potsdam. After the Volkswagen 2028 website finally has been released last year, I am now allowed to show some of the work I did during this project. I was responsible for the interior design of the room concept shown in the rendering beneath.


Souvenirs from Tokyo

Today I received my souvenir-package from Japan. The Cheapest shipping method took about 6 month to get to Germany. I guess they travelled on the back of a donkey through mongolia.. Anyways I found this great Gundam Model Book and I bought some of the Gundam toys.


Nimbus Independent

Suuuuuper nice edit! Looks like a lot of fun.
I just finished this years skiing season but I can't wait untill next year.

Go to Nimbus Independent for more videos.

And if you don't know - now you know!



Hey I'm back from my vacation in Asia. After all the planning and hundreds of tips from everybody we spend some days in and around Tokyo and the rest of the time in Thailand. Japan was really expensive, since I spend a lot of money on Gundams and Sushi, but it was well worth it! Tokyo is one of the cleanest cities I have ever seen, everything seems to have a very strict order but people are still very helpful and polite. Thailand was the extreme opposite of that - messy, filthy and unfriendly. But still they have nice beaches where they serve you cold beer - yuhuuu! Check out the slideshow below or click for HIGH RES.